Friday, September 9, 2011

Lovely Ladies of the Past: Barbara Stanwyck

What can I say about B-Stan? First I must declare that I fell for the dame a couple of years ago when TCM played "Remember the Night" immediately followed by "Christmas in Connecticut". Or was it the other way around?... either way I've adored ever her since. Though I've only seen half a dozen of her films, I feel confidant in saying she is a fabulous actress, though sometimes in not-so-fabulous roles (or maybe I just really don't like hyper-dramas), often with a don't-mess-with-me attitude and with astounding comedic timing. Every part I have seen her play she is the embodiment sass, smart, tastefully sexy and cunning beyond belief. She portrayed (almost) everything any self-respecting girl should admire and aspire to, and for that I am wholly dedicated to her.
Oh and by the way, she is friggin' gorgeous. 
Here's some evidence (in no particular order) incase you don't believe me (but why wouldn't you? You know me so well, after all.)

Probably my favorite picture of her. 

If anyone can wear curly bangs and look like hot stuff it's Barbara. 

My other favorite picture of her.
Yes I know, I have far too many pictures of her (you should see my Ginger Rogers and Jean Harlow collections, if you think this is bad). And yes, I know, I have no life.

I'll like you forever and love you for always,

P.S. Don't worry Emily should be doing a post about the grand manor she is living in soon. I will fly over there and use physical force if I must... for the sake of our blog, not for a pointless-ish trip to England three months in advance...


  1. Gorgeous stuff, thanks for this, I hadn't seen before the picture of her in the 1920's, she looked amazing!

  2. Love Barbara Stanwyck, even though she was in some stinkers (which I've watched just because of my girl crush). There's a photograph right about in the middle of your set that surprises me every time I see it because of how 1970s it looks. I can never quite believe it!

    Anyway, I totally want to be Barbara Stanwyck when I grow up.

    1. You want a girl crush, check out my link below

  3. I love her with the 1930s pageboy cut - she's got such delicate features the more structured 40s dos seem to draw too much attention away from her face.

    I love her clothes. She was a great exponent of the suit.

  4. I am so glad you all enjoyed it! Personally I think she has a way of looking absolutely incredible in every style through the 20s-40s, more so than most people (though, I personally think that those styles could make just about everyone a stunner).

    Lauren: are you thinking of the one where she has a side part and a bit of her face is covered by her hair because it's un-styled (other than being curled)?

  5. And that nude shot of That bod would put models to shame today, it was so far ahead of it's time. Oh, to get in a time machine.