Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carefree (1938)

A few weeks ago, during my reunion with Gracie, I saw Carefree for the first time! Gee had already seen it before, but she gladly re-watched it as one really never tires of Ginger and Fred. 
The movie is actually strange for a Rogers-Astaire pairing in that there are only four songs (five musical numbers, one is a lyrical and then an instrumental version). The small bit of music there was, however, I really enjoyed. And I liked the storyline, it was interesting to see Fred as a psychiatrist/psychologist instead of a professional hoofer! 

I just had to share my favorite bits, for the few of you out there who haven't yet seen it, and for those who have, I'm sure a re-watch would brighten up your day if you're in a rainy part of the world, as I am now!

"I Used to Be Colorblind" - Words cannot express how much I love this number. Definitely in my top favorite F&G numbers! The lyrics are fine, but the part that sets me sighing is the beautiful orchestration and slow-motion dance bit. They are both such beautiful people. And Ginger's dress is perfect for the slo-mo!

"Change Partners" - This is another one I adore. The orchestration gets me again, and Fred's voice! How could Ginger  resist? What's hypnotism to the powers of Fred's charm? Not much, apparently, since she's still under the spell...

"Change Partners (Instrumental)" - My goodness. I must have a thing for dream/hypnotism-induced dancing between this pair, because this one is a really close tie with "Colorblind". The orchestration for this one again (that's not really a thing with me, this movie was just really excellent, more so then usual, in that regard!) and the dancing is just as hypnotic to watch, as it appears to be for Ginger to dance. 

There was also another number, "The Yam", sung by Ginger, that was nothing special lyrically but the dancing was fun! Youtube doesn't seem to have it though.
Now for a few pictures:

Super-adorable and oft-admired dress of Ginger's she goes to visit Fred in. This has been said by many another blogger, but I so wish I could get a reproduction of this dress!
Dancing "The Yam".
A cute outfit Ginger wore towards the beginning-ish of the film for a bike ride (obviously).

Phew! A happy ending. I was actually getting a bit anxious, because it was a really last-minute save, even though I knew that everything would turn out alright.
- Emily


  1. Fred Astaire is an amazingly talented man!

    xx Tribal Fox Vintage

  2. I watched this again last month, too. I liked it better than I remembered, actually. Ginger does look fabulous, as always!