Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Youthful Inspiration

I have found that, for the most part, when looking at photos for clothing style-inspiration I collect more images of young adults (ages between early-mid 20s to mid 30s)  rather than those in my age group because I find them (generally) more appealing. So it is very refreshing when I come across young ladies (as in kids my age, more or less), who are not big names, wearing beautiful, youthful but somehow very mature-looking clothes. This is why I love this photoshoot done in a March 1949 issue of LIFE Magazine so much. This girl, called "Madeline" evidently, looks fabulously put together, but still like an adolescent, which is nice. I  think it is a shame when kids try to grow up to fast. I say take advantage of being a teenager while you ca... oh wait, no I don't. But that is only because in modern society that means "hey go do a bunch of dumb shit, 'cos later you won't be able to get a way with it as easily" and "It's ok if you look like a whore, you're young."
... I hate kids.
Not really.
But seriously, I do....
Where was I going with this?
OH! Right, this photo spread contains some of the most amazing outfits. The only way it could have been done better would be if done in color (I like to know what the fabrics were meant to look like).
If you're like me and like the thirties through early forties a bit more than the New Look styles, I will hopefully be able to find some photos just as glorious as these from that time.
I hope you other kids (and all the rest of you lovely ladies who are lucky enough to look good/appropriate in this style) out there get some inspiration for your fall semester wardrobe from this, I know I did!

LOVE this ensemble so much on her! And if I could I would snatch those shoes off her little feet.

The photo that drew me in however long ago I found these. 

Cute boy: maybe. Cute outfit (on her, at least): definitely!

Goodnight all! I have homework to (not)do. Hooray for architecture assignments on the first day of class!

xx Gracie


  1. Oh these pictures are beautiful!
    I think the photograph of Madeline on the street in the white jacket will stick with me for a while, it's just so lovely.
    I also really like the photo of her in the hospital, her expression is great and her ensemble is wonderful.

  2. Yeah both the white and dark (black??) cape-jacket things are sososo adorable. I definitely attempted making one... Anyway, Im so glad you enjoyed this!

  3. These are actually some of my favorite images from Life magazine!!

  4. Would love to look like her when I was a teenage girl!!!!

  5. What a lovely photo shoot! It makes me feel like I should try a little harder, especially because I'm now in that "mid-20s to mid-30s" range! Scary. Because I'm married to someone I met in high school I forget how long it's been. I thought when I was a teenager that people were just stupid because they're teenagers--turns out they're stupid in their 20s, too! I'm always glad for the handful of really good friends I have.

    Hope your school work is going well!