Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More McCall's!

Hiya folks!

I have been woefully negligent to this little corner of the internet that I so adore (the vintage blogoverse, that is) since I got to England, but I assure you (not that you were worried) that I am not failing to share any fascinating experiences - I've just been utterly drowning in work. Reading countless books, writing papers (2 due this week) projects/presentations every day, it seems. 
But no pity party here! I'm trekking through, and I will get to leave this big house, eventually. And when I do, I will try my best to remember my camera and document this country's loveliness!

Without further adieu, here are some more pictures from my university's magazine archives! Including some season-appropriate looks (if you're in the Northern hemisphere) from the mid-late 1930s. 

Oooh, melikey that green number!

I really like that second one, in brown - it reminds me of a smart 30s dress version of the modern-day Girlscout uniforms! Maybe it's just the scarf...

Hmm.. I seem to be somewhere between those first two. I must work on maintaining more of a "Spencer Posture".

Okay. Every single one of these...
...And these! 
- Emily


  1. Fabulous...pleny of plaids shown, which I adore!

  2. Sorry you've been so busy! Of course, I guess that's what school's all about. Still--I want you to have some adventures!

    Woohoo for magazine archives--I wouldn't get anything done, because I'd be "researching." Love that Colgate ad. Oh, and I try to be all Spencer, but I'm a bit of a Lordosis. Ick. Need to concentrate on that!

  3. These are beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow, so much eye candy! I'm loving it!!