Saturday, September 17, 2011

Can't Help Lovin' That Man: Tyrone Power

So, school is in and guess what I am doing on my friday night?!?!?!?!?! Yup, looking up dead dudes. Awesome sauce, right? Any way you slice it the boy cake is just not one I can have and eat too.
...That sounded like it could be cannibalistic or overtly sexual. Sorry.
I just sighed. I just sighed a big sigh. I mean "big" as in a nice breeze just blew across town because of my sigh.
That what guys like Tyrone Power do to me. Even if they are dead (as he is). Why does this happen? Well, for one he is the embodiment of a dream. My dream, at least. Ok sort of a nightmare, but the good type... What I mean is, he's devilishly handsome and too charming for anyone's good.

I hate men like him. HATE. But also.... I kind of cannot keep from admiring him. Just from a distance, though. He was one of those men. The cheating, (probably) sleazy, dashing, charismatic, sexy types. Unlike all-around wonderful fellas like Jimmy Stewart, Tyrone was a man a gal could trust as much as she could get away from her own shadow (this does not apply to those with Peter Pan abilities). So I might be exaggerating. Then again I might not. All I know is he had a thing with Judy Garland while he was married to the very pretty Annabella and later had fidelity problems later on with other women. So he might be the victim, but I doubt it... I'll say something for his acting, though, because he certainly held my attention, even through "Suez" (which, to be frank was really not that interesting from the last 45 minutes on. Yes, that is all I have ever seen of that movie and I really don't care to see more.) Oh wait that wasn't about his acting was it? Damn.

Anyway, Thanks to my infatuation with Tyrone (beginning around this time last year), I discovered Alice Faye, with whom he worked on a number of films. So, my adoration for her grew as I realized he really wasn't that great of an actor. Still, I cannot help but swoon when I am reminded of his looks. I mean, he is seriously hot. And I hate using the word "hot" frivolously, so you know I really mean it when I do use it. If he isn't your type (look wise, and hopefully he's not your type in personality) then good. fine. more for me. except not really.

Regardless of your opinions of his acting and/or personal life I hope you can appreciate the beauty that good genetics created in the form of Ty-Pow.

Just one of the many reasons I would be very okay with being Betty Grable during her young adulthood.

Even with that silly stache he is good looking.

My point exactly.

Keep on dreamin',


  1. you're awesome (loved your commentary). It takes some training to get past the hotness of a chap and let his actions reveal his true character. Unfortunately, a fair number of rogues get away with a LOT thanks to heavenly visages that mask their less-than gorgeous inner landscapes. :(

  2. Love me some Ty Power. I posted this a while back:

    Definitely hot. I was literally laughing out loud when I read "cannibalistic and overtly sexual," not that there's anything wrong with that. Ty is total one-night-stand material.

  3. I am so pleased you ladies enjoyed it! He really does seem like he would be a cad, which is upsetting since that is the case with so many good looking men. But as you pointed out Lauren, he would not be bad for a little fling.

  4. hey, Tyrone was a chick magnet. But he could act - see Nightmare Alley, This Above All, Blood and Sand, The Long Gray Line, Abandon Ship - Zanuck kept him making the fluff. He did a lot of stage work too and got great reviews.

  5. Oh, I forgot. Please check out. for the postage stamp info and write in to help Tyrone get a stamp. He is under consideration and it's important to keep up the pressure! Oh, and he's fabulous in The Mark of Zorro.

  6. Thanks for those movies recommendations! A couple of them are already in my Netflix queue. I do believe he can act well, I just have never seen a really great example of it.

  7. Thank you, Mrs R and Emily for stating that he WAS a good actor with solid Shakesperian background. If Hollywood is superficial, that's not HIS fault. He really did deserve an Oscar to the career. Even if only for diversifying his generes so much in a time when all the actors stuck to only one.I think that he deserves a stamp too!

  8. you need to get his DVD sets, the black set, the second set, has some wonderful examples of his early comedy work - Love is News and Cafe Metropole, as well as 8 other films, and the red set, the first one, has Blood & Sand and some other "swashbuckling" films. Still the Mark of Zorro is my favorite and he is spectacular.