Friday, July 22, 2011

College Swing

Okay, so I often add movies to my netflix queue solely because actors I love are in very minor parts in them and I enjoy seeing stars pre-stardom. This is why I added College Swing (1938) to my queue. It has a not yet famous Betty Grable and John Payne so I just had to see it. And ohmygod. I loved it. Bits of it where a little too slapstick-y for my normal taste, but all in all it was really enjoyable. I hadn't realized how much I love Bob Hope until I saw it, too. The film is on the same DVD as The Big Broadcast of 1938 so here are some shots I got of each (but mostly College Swing.) If you like comedies, adorable people and dramatic irony I highly recommend this movie. The Big Broadcast however.. meh it was okay. I'd say watch it just because you can, I guess.

Betty Grable being amazing and beautiful.

Just change that last name and this could very well belong to me.

Gracie and Bob 

Being serenaded by a hunky John Payne

John Payne being hazed. ...well sort of.

These dancing waiters were a pleasure to watch.

Betty and an incompetent gym teacher guy.

Martha Ray and Bob

Betty in REALLY really cute lounge-wear.

Now for The Big Broadcast of 1938

                                     Bob in jail and his visiting first wife in a lovely hat.
The second wife is in a nice hat, too.

The third wife in yet another nice headpiece.

A big man with a tiny teacup.
And a very pretty, young Dorothy Lamour.

Well, that's all folks!



  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen The Big Broadcast of 1938, but I haven't seen this one. Looks like good, silly fun.

  2. I found your blog recently and am really enjoying it! Thanks. I loved all the outfits in this movie, great for inspiration.