Friday, July 1, 2011

Vogue, 1936

More archive images! I finally confirmed the year of the magazine because of some text in one image that I just noticed - the fashion spread in the second image says "The High Tide Fashions of 1936"! Huzzah!

Love. Love. Love. So much prettiness going on here. 

Oh, beachwear of the 30s! How you pain me with your wonderfulness and unobtainability! 

Bon dieu, how I wish I could get my mitts on this. I love the sheer circle ruffle pattern all over the skirt and sleeves. 

"Brimming over with smartness" indeed!
Shoot, I can't remember what this was advertising. But isn't she/her outfit lovely? The artist is McClelland Barclay.

- Emily

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