Sunday, July 3, 2011

LIFE and Times in the Semi-Wilderness

I'm writing this quick little post from a cafe in a small town in West Massachusetts. My family has come up north to visit me over the week, and we'll be traveling around the state, so my internet access will be pretty unpredictable. Of course I had to pop in to read up on y'all's (I've become defensive of the word, being surrounded by northern "you guys"-ers) posts and to do one myself!
The other day I was flipping through the online LIFE archives, and I found these images in a couple of magazines from around 1936-39. They caught my eye, so I thought I'd share them with you...

A picture of Ginger Rogers that accompanied an article about Vivacious Lady. 

I just thought this swimsuit was interesting! It seems like it could be a bit complex to put on. 
And now, an article about the way the modern American girl travels (from June 27, 1938). How I wish I could claim to be able to pack so lightly and with such wonderful clothes! Click on the photos to enlarge if you'd like to read the text!

- Emily
P.S -Yesterday as we drove through the one main street in this small town, I happened to look up from my nap and saw a decent-looking vintage shop with Victorian ladies in the window. I exclaimed and begged my family to stop for just a moment, and thankfully they obliged. I dashed in there like a madwoman and found that I had stumbled upon the best vintage shop I've ever seen. Very well kept, clean clothes, good condition, sizes marked - and almost all from the 50s and back! Even to the 1800s! It was pure bliss, marred by the fact that my mom was getting peevish and kept harassing me to hurry up. Twenty minutes later, after running through there and feeling stressed knowing I was missing so much, I left with a new petticoat (50s), full-length girdle/garters (50s), blazer/jacket (mid 40s), black rayon dress (early/mid 40s), and tie-waist sporty style floral top (30s/40s)! Of course, the more recent the clothing, the less expensive, so my wallet couldn't get me much of the 30s and back, but I'm sure if I had had more time I would've found some great deals in the 30s section! I'm pleased with my finds but regretful of how quickly I had to go through there. I'll do a post later with shop details and pictures of my finds. 

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