Monday, July 25, 2011

Recently Acquired

Okay, I have a problem.
And it's Daniel Green.
I am obsessed.
Who is this fella, you may ask? Well, it's not really a him that I'm obsessed with - it's Daniel Green's slippers/boudoir shoes that I so adore. I recently acquired my third pair of Daniel Greens, and the place where I got them had more styles in a variety of colors, so I had to hold back from making it two new pairs! This is really getting ridikulous (as Gee and I like to put it, like the Harry Potter spell), considering I now own more vintage slippers than vintage shoes/heels, which I get more everyday use out of. But, they're so lovely, I really can't refuse! Plus, it's not like they make pretty and comfortable house/bedroom slippers anymore, the modern Daniel Green itself now makes rather ugly slippers, to put it bluntly. So I feel I've got to snatch them up every chance I've got!

Sorry for the poor photo quality... I really don't know what's up with my D90!

But I'll save my Daniel Green ramblings for later, I've got a post on the matter planned for sometime soon...

Here are some more items I've recently gotten - from all over. A few weeks ago, when my family was visiting, we were in Cape Cod and I stopped at a roadside antique market I saw while they shopped at a sportswear store, and I got some goodies there!
Also, last Thursday I made a trip up to Lynn, MA, where I was told resided a vintage warehouse of mythical proportions, and the stories were true! It was utterly enormous, with a huge variety of vintage, every nook and cranny packed. The only fly in the ointment was that is was literally over 100 degrees, and the warehouse had no A/C, which made it feel like shopping in a dusty oven, so I didn't have much patience for sifting through everything! But I managed to nab a good bit there (including the above Daniel Green slippers).
And yesterday I went to the vintage shop Artifaktori over in Somerville, which was small but lovely. Afterwards I meandered around the area, stopping by J.P. Licks for perhaps of the best ice cream I've ever tasted (I had a battle in my mind on whether to get Maple Butter Walnut or Brownie Batter, the latter winning out - no regrets there!).
My favorite find!!! I got this at the antique warehouse in Cape Cod - it's the sheet music to "The Trolley Song" in "Meet Me in St. Louis", one of my favorite Judy Garland movies! This also has major sentimental significance, since it is actually this song, from this movie, sung by this marvelous lady, that I first saw by chance one night on YouTube that started it all, that made me fall in love with Judy Garland, which is a large part of my life and vintage endeavors. After seeing this scene, I stayed up until like three in the morning, watching Judy clip after Judy clip! 
Ok, this was another fated find! I nabbed - get this - thirty pairs of seamed nylons! My heart was racing when I stumbled upon the huge box of deadstock. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment (literally, these were from the oven-temperature warehouse in Lynn) I grabbed a bunch that were too small for me (in length - at 5'10" my stems are much longer than the average legs of the 30s and 40s) but lucky for me my best friend and co-author of this blog, Gee, is the perfect height for these too-small pairs! (Though, luckier for her than for me..) Anyway, I want to make another trip back to get some more in my size.
And a vintage bullet bra! In my size!! The Vintage Gods were smiling upon me...
I got this late 50s girdle at a wonderful little vintage/antique shop in the Berkshires. The shop has a small portion of its goods up on Etsy, if you want to have a look. I got a lot more at this shop... a petticoat, 40s blazer, 40s crepe dress, 30s housedress, to name a few, but I'll post those later. I saw this gorgeous piece in person, and let me tell you, it looks fine online but it is soo much better in person. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, the delicate embroidery and creamy white fabric.
My legs look kinda stumpy, but ah well, I couldn't be bothered to take another picture as it was blazing hot the day I took this and it was a pain in the butt to try and balance the camera on my bed to get the shot. I got these 40s shoes off of eBay recently, $8!!! I love bargain-y successes like that. They're actually a dark chocolately brown, but you can't tell here...
Little doggie pin by Avon, from the antique warehouse in the Cape. 
Okay, these aren't actually mine, but I had to show them - they're movies I've rented from Boston's public library!! Can you believe the lot I found there? This doesn't include The Dolly Sisters (1945), which I already watched and returned by the time I took this picture. I've since watched The Divorcee (1930) and A Free Soul (1931) from TCM's pre-code "Forbidden Hollywood" collection. So excited to see the rest!
- Emily


  1. Wow, those are some great finds!

  2. I need to make a return trip to Massachusetts!!! I can't believe all the great stuff you found! Congrats!

    Aren't libraries great? We still have a VCR, so that really opens up what I'm able to rent. I love getting the occasional BBC miniseries or random old movie. That reminds me--I have a fine I need to go pay! Bad Lauren!

  3. Those slippers are so adorable and the heels I always seem to not find shoes as much as I want to I'm a size 6 1/2 and most of the shoes from before are smaller or I find that they are to big.

  4. Thanks all!
    Lauren - I know, libraries are wonderful! I can totally see the benefit of keeping a VCR, the library in Atlanta has tons of VHS (many classic films) that I can't rent because I have no way to play them. Haha, do go pay that fine!