Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More McCall's, 1934-1935

More again from the archives! I only have about four more sets of these to share before I run out of everything I photographed. But Gee and I have plans for after our reunion in Atlanta - we were going to make a day trip down to my college town with a scanner in tow and pour over those babies until we collapse, hungry and tired and covered in dust - but very, very happy.

Miss Evelyn Cameron Watts, a debutante, in an ad for camels. I also found her in an ad for watches. I find it so strange to think that a debutante, who I assume did nothing besides be the daughter of  a coupling of old money, would be paid to be in ads. I wonder if her name was actually known in the average household? Or did mentioning that she was a debutante do enough to convince the average reader that the product must be in good taste?

Eeep, I love all of these so much! Especially the chocolate brown & pink one and the green one.
Clothing for little misses or teens. I loveeee the two on the left, that little shoulder/sleeve ruffle fans things are great!
I had to put this up, it made me chuckle at the ridiculousness. Mcall's magazines had so many laxative ads!! Many of the ads recommended taking them daily, and claimed they were a solution for a huge variety of problems - curing naughty children included! This is actually pretty upsetting to imagine - I mean, if the laxatives had any effect on their behavior it was probably because any time they felt like getting rambunctious they would hold back lest they get punished with laxatives! 
I love this picture. The wallpaper makes me think of Harry Potter. That would be an ideal/interesting combination - Harry Potter meets the 30s! It would suit me at least. 
- Emily

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  1. I love old magazines too much for words. I almost always buy them when I see them unless they're too too expensive (which they often are). I think the 1930s were obsessed with bowel movements. There seem to be an excessive number of laxative ads during that decade!