Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Hey guys, it's Gracie. I feel like such a crap blogger... because I am. And for that I'm sorry. Since I have nothing of significance to say all I have to offer this post is some of the outfit pictures I've been taking the past couple of weeks. Forgive my facial expressions and my lack of authentic vintage clothes.

Dress from Goodwill and my Steve Madden Inga shoes.
One of the dresses my gran bought for me and beautiful (but falling apart) 40s shoes.

A Blouse Eee gave me and jumper belt and skirt I made a few weeks ago. And my most frequently worn shoes.

skirt and blouse from goodwill, belt from my mom and shoes from Eee.

shirt and skirt from goodwill, belt from walmart, scarf from my ma, and shoes from Eee.

Shirt from goodwill and the same jumper belt and skirt as before.
So yeah.. So sorry I can't offer more.

I have a question for you lot, though. For those of you who have to drive with open windows for whatever reason (mine is a lack of A/C) how dou you keep your hair from running a muck. It wear a scarf around my hair when I drive, but I guess the heat and movement muss it up anyway. Any suggestions?

- Gee

P.S. Dear ol' Emily neglected to mention in the Lovely Ladies of the Past post why Ginger was selected. Last monday, the eleventh, was a few days before the the 100th anniversary if her birth! I don't know why or how Eee forgot to make a point of that since I had been talking about it and my plans for that day for months, but alas she did. No harm done I suppose, I  just wanted to let you all know that Gingy is would be super old and I how much I  love her.


  1. Love your outfits and it's so awesome that you found most of the items at Goodwill.

  2. I can't even pick a favorite, these outfits are all fantastic and you're down right gorgeous!!!
    I especially like the scarf in the second to last outfit, I've always wanted to put an outfit like this together but have yet to find the perfect scarf!

    I, too, am stuck with the windows down for the same reason you are. I feel like I am always a mess because of the heat and the wind. Your scarf idea is brilliant and I imagine that's how ladies maintained their coiffures back in the day (no ac then either!).

  3. I can't pick a favourite, either. They're all so gorgeous! But I'm rather partial
    to suspender skirts, so maybe...
    -Andi x