Monday, July 11, 2011

Lovely Ladies of the Past: Ginger Rogers

We know, we know, we're not very original in thinking Ginger Rogers is the bee's knees. But there's a reason Ginger-lovin' is so widespread - she's impossibly lovable! One of the ultimate triple threats, Ginger was ridiculously talented and beautiful, able to be both beguilingly vulnerable and scintillatingly shrewd and cheeky, full of spunk. Here are some pictures of Ginger that we've gathered up between us, because of course no post here is complete without a photo-heavy ending, especially when there are beautiful ladies involved!

Hahaha - Ginger looking scared/guilty eating what seems to be a hamburger and soda. 
Ginger kickin' ass! From Vivacious Lady
Ginger in a monocle!

- Gee & Emily


  1. ahhhhh, ginger! I haven't seen some of these before, so thanks for sharing! Hope you don't mind if I nick a couple of them for my tumblr feed?

  2. Not at all! Oooh, I didn't know you had a tumblr, now I'll just skidaddle over there...
    - Emily

  3. Beautiful pics, I enjoyed this very much.

  4. These are too much fun! I'm a Ginger fan from way back.